C.R.A.P. Ad Breakdown


The title “Split” has a different type of front from the rest and is even broken. Most of the ad is text and shadows so a human character is a contrast from the rest. The characters head being a different color shows contrast as well from the rest of the ad. Finally the biggest thing on the ad is the monster shadow and is the most detailed of the shadows as well showing its not the same as the rest and more aggressive.


Not too much repetition besides the color black, signifying a darker tone to the movie. the shadows have defined silhouettes and are repeated to show a split in personality to the character. The text is mostly the same font except for the title which has repeated lines through the text.


The director name, title, and monster shadow are mostly aligned allowing eye movement from tip to bottom. title and sub text are closely aligned to the center most part of the character. And the shadows head and the tails point to the monster who is a focus for the ad. the eye goes from the top to the title, to the character, to the three shadows and finally landing on the monster shadow


The title and the sub-text are close together to show a relationship describing the movie. The title and the character is close together to show he’s the main character in the movie. The shadows have two different proxies. The first one are the three smaller shadows showing a relationship between the three. The bigger shadow is farther away from everything and is bigger. It is by itself and imposing, showing its doesnt have a good relationship to others but still connected by the shadow tail.


The color scheme is mostly monochromatic expect for the the characters head. its uses black to signify a horror movie tone and tints of black to add detail to the shadows clothing and title.

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