AD Campaign Reverse Engineering

Original Ad

 Dwight Howard, 2006. [Photo: courtesy of America’s Milk Processors]

This design works well with the contrast of the colors vs a white and grey background. Showing a basketball player drinking milk as well make other people who want to be like him, want to drink milk as well.


The contrast of the colors blue and orange draw interest and separate the objects from each other. At a glance you can tell he plays basketball. The text and the logo have two different fonts, both sans-serif but the logo is stretched out and large enough to create contrast. As well, the top statement is bold and bigger to state the message of the paragraph.


The blue, orange, and skin tones contrast from the white and grey background colors making the subject pop. The blue jersey and the orange basketball as complement each other allowing both items to be distinct and drawing interest.


The type are from the same type but different enough to be different meaning it’s repetitive and contrasting. The designer uses a bold and larger font for the titles header to basically summarize the paragraph below it. The “gotmilk?” logo is the largest font in the design and tells you it’s the logo and and main thing to look at.

My Ad

Original photo:


This photo has less contrast because the colors are mostly light grey and white, however , the premises is the same. A person on a light background with milk and text telling how milk is good for you. Based on the photo i chose text about osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. the text contrast is there along with the original font for the logo. The milk moustache is the most iconic part that make it seem like a “got milk?” ad.


The color of the background matches the original, hawoever there is not much contrasting color on the woman to make her pop. Her hair and her shirt are different enough where she is the focus of the image. The white colors are the same color as the milk, reinforcing the ad for milk.


I found the original type for the “got milk?” logo but had to improvise for the rest of the text. The heading statement summarizes the rest of the text and is bigger and in bold. the paragraph text talk about a reason to drink milk and finishes off with the logo bigger than the rest of the text.

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